Our clients, customers, and friends come from near and far and their needs are big and small. It can be a grand hotel entrance, numbers for a home address, letters for an artist's creation, initials for an office wall, sets for theatre, movies, TV, marquee letters for theaters,   a simple word like HOME or FAMILY to grace a kitchen: we've seen it all and we've helped everyone equally find what they're looking for. 

Saddle Ranch

Restaurant Chain
California, Arizona
Custom fabricated rustic lighted sign

Umass Lowell

Educational Institution
Lowell, MA

Snap Lok letters and tracking as well as social media logos


HBO TV Production
Brooklyn, NY

17" Snap Lok letters, tall formed plastic letters

Hippodrome Theater

Performance Venue
Baltimore, MD
14' Mechanical change arm, 8" Wagner Slotted Dimensional letters

Maiden Alley Cinema

Non-profit Movie Theater
Paducah, KY
8" translucent red Slotted B-Dimensional marquee letters, 14' change arm

La Esquina NYC

New York City, NY
8" red and black Snap Lok marquee letters, Snap Lok aluminum bars

Beacon Residential

Management, LLC

Property Management
Houston, TX
Pronto changeable copy

Equity One

Property Management
New York City, NY
Vintage 17" Snap Lok marquee letters

Jim's Burner Service

Heating Services
Belfast, ME
17" Snap Lok marquee letters

Crocker Law

Law Firm
Idabel, OK
4" Slotted Dimensional marquee letters

Liberty Theater

Movie Theater
Camas, WA
10" Slotted B marquee letters

8 to 28 Clothing


Clothing Consignment
Kelso, WA
Wagner Zip Change

Jerri Finch

Belfast, ME
Neuvo tin letters

Julie Cyr

Belfast, ME
Neuvo tin letters

Dian Dorbin

Belfast, ME
Various vintage marquee letters

Kiptopeke Inn

Bed and Breakfast
Cape Charles, VA
New and vintage snap lok marquee letters

A Series of

Unfortunate Events

Set Decoration
Vancouver, BC
Vintage adler silhouette letters

Three Billboards


Set Decoration
Arden, NC; Burbank, CA
Large quantities of various vintage marquee letters

Sierra Cinemas

Movie Theater
Grass Valley, CA
Pronto changeable copy

Imperial Woodpecker

New York City, NY
Vintage plastic red Adler Silhouette


Ad agency
Chicago, IL
6' custom made steel letter, lighted in image of Bar Takito with Edison bulbs

best events

Events Center
Los Angeles, CA
Multiple 24" vintage style lighted marquee letters, custom fabricated

ZUO modern

Decorating Firm
Dallas, TX
12" rustic lighted marquee letters

Richard Hench

Lawn and Garden
Jupiter, FL
36" custom made metal letter, solid front and back

The oriental theater

Movie Theater
Denver, CO
Snap Lok marquee letters


Decorating Firm
Atlanta, GA
24" custom fabricated rustic letters for upscale hotel

Apex Studios

Decorating Firm
Chester, VA
8" Snap Lok letters for retirement home

Ace Hotel

Los Angeles, CA
Snap Lok marquee letters

Dogstar Tattoo Co.

Tattoo Artist
Durham, NC
Vintage Adler Silhouette cast metal letters

Basham Funeral Care

Funeral Home
Bakersfield, CA
48" rustic customer made lighted marquee letter

Bay Wrap

Belfast, ME
12" neuvo tin letters

Deborah harvey

Personal Use
Brandon, FL
Custom made GemLite formed channel sculpted to look like a conch shell with lettering

Peabody Essex


Salem, MA
Custom made lighted marquee letters for exhibition

Siskiyou Parters

Real Estate

Real Estate
Yreka, CA
Vintage cast metal Adler Silhouette marquee letters

uP Design

Design Firm
Montclair, NJ
24" red/orange Snap Lok marquee letters with pad mounting

Scottsdale Music

and Entertainment

Entertainment Venue
Scottsdale, Arizona
24" vintage style lighted marquee letters

The Plaza Theater

Movie Theater
Atlanta, GA
Translucent red and black Snap Lok marquee letters

Cooper & Smith


Art Gallery
Essex, CT
24" Snap Lok letters with stud mounting in translucent red

LA Circus

Non-profit Circus
Riverside, CA
12" and 24" rustic style lighted marquee letters

Direct Cinemas


Movie Theater
New York City, NY
Vintage movie marquee letters and tracking

Jill Reidelberger

Personal Use
Pinckneyville, IL
Custom made lighted sign of the St Louis Cardinals Log and Bat


Austin, TX
12" rustic lighted marquee letters

Baltimore Orioles

Camden Yards

Baseball Team
Baltimore, MD
8' tall bobble head sculpture

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers Stadium

Baseball Team
Los Angeles, CA

Bobble heads, world series rings, and other sculptures

San Diego Padres

Petco Park

Baseball Team
San Diego, CA
Large baseball sculpture

Boston REd Sox

Fenway Park

Baseball Team
Boston, MA
"Wally" 8' tall bobble head sculpture