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Bay City Cargo is proud to be the world's leading collector and dealer of fine letters and signs, both new and old. Browse our vast selection of over 30,000 new and reclaimed letters or let us create a custom sign that's perfect for your project or business. 


Custom and Commercial

Made to order signs, letters, Numbers, and symbols

We specialize in working with clients everywhere to design and build exactly what they want for their home or business. There are no limits to how your imagination will become your welcoming signature and brand.  

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Reclaimed in Excellent condition

We are the world's leading collector and dealer of vintage sign letters with more than 20,000 letters in a variety of sizes, styles and colors!

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Retro Tin

Handcrafted and unique

Hand made from recycled metal with finishes randing from rusty to painted.

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License Plate

Quirky and fun

Hand cut by caring but cranky tin smiths from aged "on the bumped" license plates that graced cars and trucks all over North America. 

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Wood Plaques

Rustic and unique

We cut Maine wood and paint it before we attach "slotted dimensional" marquee letters. While we stock many words, we can also build you custom plaques with words that move you.

Lighted Marquee 

Your name in lights

Seen everywhere, originally on classic theatre marquees but now sparkling in homes, at weddings, or for businesses. 

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