About Us

Bay City Cargo is a leading collector, dealer, and expert on vintage large sign letters, old movie theatre marquee letters, punctuation marks and more. We are proud to have one of the world's largest collection of sign letters.

How did such a thing come to pass? We owned two classic downtown movie theatres in the great State of Maine. Colonial Theatre and Temple Movies. (sold the Temple Theatre recently) One day we went to sell some old vintage large sign letters that we had retired off of our movie theatre marquee and faster than you can shout “head’s up!” we found our calling. In short order we became the premier world-wide source for the vintage large sign letters and other large retired retro dimensional letters that once graced movie theatre marquees, drive in movie marquees, casinos, and signs. As the world moves to easier to use flat plastic letters and digital signs everywhere else; we are focused on these big old letters.

We now collect and sell all sizes and styles of old vintage large sign letters. We are always adding to our collection. We sell retail, wholesale, and we buy large lots of letters all the time.

We also create commercial signage of all kinds, and hand make wordy thought plaques. 

While we work with people who do design, sourcing, and construction for major television, broadcast, web, theatrical, community, and every possible kind of commercial design we also work with people just looking for one letter. We are here to serve you whether your request is large or small. 

We are located in the quite cool little waterfront city of Belfast, Maine in the historic downtown Belfast Opera House courtyard on the coast of Maine. We welcome visitors at any time, just to take a look, or shop. Our office is around the corner from our warehouse and if we are not there our phone number is on the door: call and we will meet you.
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